The Joys of Winter/Spring Rv'ing

If you are anything like us, you just can’t wait to get out with your RV and enjoy the great outdoors again.  But let me ask you something?  What are you waiting for?


Winter camping can be a tremendous experience that would be unlike  any other camping experience.  From seeing wildlife that might not be what you are used to seeing, to a landscape that will be different than mid-summer, winter camping is something that you should experience.  And don’t forget there will be less crowds and even less bugs!



BUT, preparing for a winter/spring camping trip can be very different than a summer camping trip. It is important that you prepare properly. Here are some things to consider when getting ready for a winter camping trip:

  • Where to go Not every campground or provincial park is open for camping during the winter season, so make sure you look into locations that accept winter RV camping and what amenities they have available. The park locator on the Ontario Parks website will help you identify winter camping opportunities
  • Winter Clothing The clothes you wear will be vastly different in the winter.  And when it comes to winter clothing, layers are the way to go, so make sure to pack appropriately.  Layering is great because you can add or remove layers them as you need to
  • Winter Conditions Winter conditions are obviously a part of winter camping, so make sure you are aware of what the weather may be, and what you can expect. Also, if camping near waterways of any sort, please make sure that you ensure the ice is of sufficient thickness to support your activity

You won’t be the first person to embark on a winter camping adventure, so make sure to research what other people have done successfully, and not successfully, to help make your trip a success.  Our friends at RV care have written about this before and have some tips and tricks available here.


Winter camping can be rewarding and offer a lifetime of memories. The key is to prepare as there is no reason to not enjoy your RV year round.


Our team here at Mobilife is here (by appointment) to help you find the RV you want to enjoy the great outdoors, all year round!