Signs That it's Time for a NEW RV

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WHEN Is It Time for a New RV? 

If you’re a homeowner, you understand that as your life evolves, so do your requirements for a home. Add a couple of kids, you may need a larger place; and vice versa, as an empty-nester, you may want to downsize. 

The same calculus applies to your RV. Plus, since it is a mobile home, some of the same considerations as owning a car may factor in, such as fuel economy, manoeuvrability and maintenance.

Whatever your reason MOBILIFE RV CENTRE has you covered!  

Let’s start with your possible situation in life.

More campers in your crew

Got some toddler campers in tow? If your camping crew has grown, it might be time to start shopping for a bigger rig. There are many classes of RV’s, from the modest teardrop trailer to a sumptuous home on wheels in Class A. Plenty of them are family-focused, including the always popular bunk models for extra sleeping space.

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Just the two of us?

Are you empty nesters? or Going solo? Maybe it’s time to trade in that bunk model for a sleeker new Class B. And not only because it’s smaller! It’s OK to admit you’re not as gung ho crawling up a ladder to get to bed as you once were.  Wouldn’t it be nice to crash on a nice queen size bed?

Then again, maybe you started your RV adventure camping in campgrounds and having neighbours. Maybe too many neighbours. Now you want the adventure of being truly off the grid. Well, there’s an RV for that style of camping.

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Rising Fuel Cost

Are fuel costs overtaking every other RV expense? Maybe your motorized rig is an older model and not very fuel efficient. Or maybe the truck you tow your trailer with is getting on in years? Or maybe, you no longer want the expense of owning a truck and want to use a more fuel efficient SUV? As we said, as your life changes, so do your needs in an RV.

Don’t forget, RV’s come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention budgets. The right one for you right now is out there. Reach out to your local RV Care dealer for some expert guidance.

Repair and Maintenance

You’ve probably lived it with a car: some repairs cost more than the vehicle is worth. Although motorized RV’s suffer the same wear and tear on the motor and transmission as a regular car, there are wear and tear issues on the living quarters that are also potentially very costly.

Warning Signs

Below is a list of some the telltale signs your vehicle has seen better days:

  • Water damage – an RV’s worst enemy. Leaks from the roof of your rig could cost thousands.
  • Worn out appliances – Just like home appliances, RV appliances wear out over time. Fridges are especially expensive to replace.
  • Water heaters
  • Wheel bearings, trailer brakes & tires

Not all of the above issues, such as wheel bearings, are enough individually to warrant changing your vehicle, but perhaps the cumulative effect of having to do several smaller repairs at once might make you question if it’s really worth the expense and the worry of wondering “what’s next?”.

Again, MOBILIFE RV CENTRE's SERVICE DEPARTMENT  can help assess the cost of repairs and advise if it’s time to change vehicles.

Are any of the above situations hitting home? 

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