7 tips for people new to RV's

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Ready for the RV life? Check out our tips for new RVers, and set off on your first adventure prepared and set up for success!

Find the Perfect Fit

The first step to enjoying the RV lifestyle is to find the perfect fit! Choosing an RV can be an overwhelming task, with the wide variety of models and varying price range. Whether to buy new or used, family or couples unit, Mobilife's sales staff can help you every step of the way! Give us a call at 519-653-5788 to start the process. 

Practice parking 

Get comfortable maneuvering and parking your new RV before you head out on your first trip. Practice in a wide open parking lot to get a handle on how it turns, and practice reversing into a spot. 

Run through a checklist

There’s a lot to remember when you’re packing up and getting ready to go, so we recommend following a checklist for both packing and a walk-around visual inspection

Avoid over-packing

It can be tempting to fill your RV to the brim, but it’ll end up cluttered and weighed down with unnecessary belongings. Think lightweight and multi-purpose when you’re choosing kitchen supplies, meal plan to avoid food waste, and edit your wardrobe to functional layers that mix-and-match. 

Spend a night at (or close to) home

The best way to get comfortable in your RV and ensure you have all the right supplies, is to take a practice run. Set up and spend the night in your driveway, or at a local campground, so you can work out any kinks or add supplies before you set off on your holiday.

Know how to level your RV

Once you’ve arrived at your destination it’s time to level at set up camp! Not only is a level RV more comfortable to sleep in, but it also prevents extra strain on your RV’s frame from unevenly distributed weight and keeps appliances running smoothly. Check out our guide for leveling in 4 easy steps

When in doubt, reach out for help!

RV Care Dealers will be there with supplies, parts, and advice, from coast to coast. If you run into trouble on the road, use the RV Care app to locate your nearest dealer.