All Eyes On Spring

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“Sometimes, I wonder if my camper is thinking about me too.”


I guarantee you, it is!


While we haven’t had a bitterly cold winter (yet!), your trailer has likely been sitting in it’s winter storage location for a few months now.  Bored. Loney.  Just waiting to provide you with new memories.


And I guarantee you, it is thinking...hoping, that you remember to take care of all the things that need to be done for your RV to be in tip-top shape when the camping season comes around.  Before you know it, it will be May.  In fact, four months from now is Victoria Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer in these parts!


While it may be early to do some of these things, it is NEVER too early to plan, and budget, for your RV’s spring maintenance.  Here are some things you can and should do before taking your camper out on the road:

  • Check your water system - this will involve flushing out the water lines and hot water tank.

  • Lubrication - Lubricate all pinch points and other hinge points.  Be sure to use the proper lubricant or you will only cause problems for yourself in the future

  • Testing - Test the your CO, LP Gas Leak and Smoke detectors

  • Inspection - do a walk around of the entire unit, including the roof. Be sure to check all windows and seals for signs of damage.  Also check all doors and storage compartments for signs of leaking.  Don’t forget to check the tires and inflate them to the recommended tire pressure

  • Clean - Start with the roof and make sure to remove all debris.  Then move on to the outside walls.  And finally, inside.


We will have more later on how to get, and keep, your RV in the best shape it can be.  But this is a good starting point to begin thinking about what will need to be done.  It will be here before you know it!

Your RV can provide you with memories that can last a lifetime, the least you can do is make sure you keep it in the best shape it can be. Mobilife RV Centre’s service department is a fully equipped service facility, and will be here for any spring maintenance you may need.  Call us at 519-653-5788 or book an appointment.